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About Dyslexia

Dyslexia and its related language-based learning disabilities are prevalent. Your chances of knowing a person with a learning disability are very high since they affect 15-20% of the population to some extent, and cut across every segment of society. Many still don’t understand what they are or how to diagnose them.

Dyslexia is characterized by problems with expressive or receptive oral or written language. It is a brain based processing difference that affects the way a person gets, uses, stores, and sends out information. Dyslexics may have trouble with one or more of the following skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking, reasoning, and math. Dyslexics are often gifted in creative, “right brain” abilities and possess unusual talents in the arts. Dyslexia is not a disease, nor is it the result of low intelligence, low motivation, or emotional, psychological, or behavioral difficulties. If misunderstood, however, learning disabilities can limit a child’s ability to reach his or her full potential.